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Hammond L R Spraying Contractor
Hammond L R Spraying Contractor
We do agricultural spraying and weed control.

Neumans Line RD 3, Marton
Mobile: 027 442 1629
Harmony Farm Services 2009 Ltd
Harmony Farm Services 2009 Ltd
Harmony Farm is a small family owned and run agricultural contracting business that specialises in the production of baleage and hay.

70A Gowers Road RD 2, Marton
Ph: 06 327 3828
Email: cjknoxcontracting@outlook.co.nz
Mobile: 027 313 3327
Web: http://www.facebook.com/pg/hfagricultural
Contact: Cameron and Jessica Knox (Owners)
Hatuma Lime Co Ltd
Hatuma Lime Co Ltd
With a strong national network of like-minded lime quarries now manufacturing Hatuma DP under strict regulations and quality control, and with an exclusive supply and sales partnership with market leading Ballance Agri-Nutrients, farmers all over the country are able to enjoy the benefits of Hatuma DP for themselves.

Ph: 06 356 7605
Freephone: 0800 806 565
Email: tony@hatumadp.co.nz
Mobile: 027 599 9713
Web: http://www.hatumadp.co.nz
Contact: Tony Jessop (Field Representative)
Hautapu Pine Products Ltd
Hautapu Pine Products Ltd
Hautapu Pine is a specialist producer of fence posts, poles and house piles located north of Taihape. We supply products to a large number of merchants around New Zealand and has experience in exporting poles to Pacific and Asian countries. The company prides itself on consistently producing quality products and on providing reliable service to its merchants.

PO Box 310, Taihape
Ph: 06 388 1264
Email: enquiries@hautapupine.co.nz
Web: http://www.hautapupine.co.nz
Contact: Susan Benson

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